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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: A few clustering/failover questions
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 03:15:46 GMT
Carl Trieloff wrote:
>> Assume a cluster of two brokers, A and B
>> 1) A dies
>> 2) clients fail over to B
>> 3) do something to recover A without interrupting clients of B
>> 4) A and B are again interchangeable
>> I've looked through the docs and haven't seen anything about this.  
>> Apologies if I missed it.  I also tried simply restarting A, which 
>> doesn't seem to work.
> Sandy,
> qpidd can support the hot joining of member back to the cluster. so 
> step 3 is simply.
> - rename or move the jrnl dir if you are running a durable store (if 
> no store skip this step)
> - restart node A with the same cluster-name as node B.
> It's that simple. What will happen is that the restarted node be will 
> be re-synced to the active state of node B, and you can continue on. 
> the clients will also be notified that
> the cluster-membership changes (Java & C++), so even if node B is 
> brought back on a different IP address the client will know where to 
> fail-over to.

Correction,  no rename of the jrnl dir is required, it will do that for 
you automatically.... just restart node A with the same cluster-name as 
node B.

It will do the rest for you...

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