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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: uses Ant build the donet package for M4 occur problem
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 13:22:34 GMT
xinfang wrote:
> thanks . may be the donet package should be include this package, or add a
> comment text in Read.txt.because first time i want to try to download it
> from internet ,but doesn't work.  anyway i have get it from python package .
> and install it in my local folder(python folder (c:\Python26\Lib)

Can I confirm you are building from the full M4 tarball (in which case 
it does have the necessary libs included)? I.e. 

The dotnet specific zip 
(http://www.apache.org/dist/qpid/M4/qpid-dotnet-0-10-M4.zip) is just a 
binary package from the looks of things.

> go back the build step:
> i continue build it ..give me "ImportError: No module named templating". ok
> ok search it in python package, no mach file.  oooo .....no idea.  
> try to installed python3.0. think the new version my be include this
> module.... when installed done. got the python3.0 still doesn't work, and
> show me no module named mllib again....  
> faint... uninstall all python .. and installed python2.6 again... installed
> the mllib package again.(copy the package file in c:\Python26\Lib\mllib) .
> ok when i try to running Ant again.  
> still give me the word  " no module name mllib")..    WoWo !!!I'm crash!!
> then i open the Python command line and try to running codegen file's code 
>>> import mllib                                ------------ work
> so make sure only uses Ant can't import the mllib...
> do i need install wxpython2.8.? i guess my be the env config need to change. 
> but i don't know what's i miss.

I'm not sure either I'm afraid and at the moment don't have a windows 
machine to test on. You could try editing the path used for the mllib in 
the ant build file, e.g. change:

   <property name="mllib.dir" location="../../../python" />

to use a windows specific absolute path?

Arnaud, can you suggest anything here? Have you been successful in 
building with ant on windows?

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