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From Danushka Menikkumbura <danus...@wso2.com>
Subject Re: Without Ruby ...
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2009 00:51:31 GMT
Hi Anil,
> I am newbie to qpid, apologize for stupid questions.
> Did not pull the files from Source Repository, downloaded M4 Release ( 
> http://www.apache.org/dist/qpid/M4/qpid-cpp-M4.tar.gz )
> I need just C++ client., Is python and Ruby dependency only from 
> client standpoint ?
This is a bug in the release artifact. Ruby is required for code 
generation and what you have downloaded already includes generated 
source. You have two options to get rid of this.

1. Install Ruby on your system :). This includes minimum hassle.
2. Open your configure.ac and comment out this block of rules.

AC_CHECK_PROG([RUBY], [ruby], [ruby])
test -n "$RUBY" && generate=yes
test -z "$RUBY" && AC_MSG_ERROR([Missing ruby installation (try "yum 
install ruby").])

Then run autoconf & automake to generate your new configure script.

Now run ./configure.


Danushka Menikkumbura
Technical Lead, WSO2 Inc.

blog : http://danushka-menikkumbura.blogspot.com/

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