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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: notes on building and testing M4 for Windows
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2009 14:15:10 GMT
Gordon Sim wrote:
> Vincent Seavello (Interop Systems Inc) wrote:
>> I have gathered some notes while building and testing QPID M4 on Windows
>> here in the Microsoft Open Source Technology Center (OSTC). I've had the
>> intention of writing these up and making them available for anyone who
>> cared to pull down QPID and build it for themselves. They aren't 
>> complete,
>> but might be helpful.
>> The notes cover the following:
>>         - what and where to obtain the various sources and technologies
>>         for building QPID M4 on Windows
>>         - setup and configuration steps to take in order to build QPID
>>         M4 on Windows
>>         - testing the Windows QPID broker from a Linux system using the
>>         QPID test suites
>>         - diffs for test files that need to change to build on Windows
>>         - makefiles which allow the use of nmake on Windows to build
>>         most of the tests and cobble together a qpidbrokers.lib library.
>> I've run most of the Linux tests against the Windows broker 
>> successfully.
>> I've built many of the tests on Windows, but haven't run them yet. 
>> That's
>> the stage I'm at right now.
>> I'm not sure posting them here is appropriate. We are trying to get an
>> external web site where we can post info like this. It isn't available
>> yet.
>> The notes I have are a little less than 36K. If anyone feels it would be
>> of interest to post to this list, I'd be glad to do so.
> How about adding a wiki page on the qpid.apache.org site for this? It 
> sounds like it would be very useful. 

If you open a JIRA and attach the information, we can put it up on the 
wiki. Getting the info onto the wiki
would be great


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