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From Danushka Menikkumbura <danus...@wso2.com>
Subject Re: c++ broker build for ubuntu?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 04:43:51 GMT

Please refer to the INSTALL file in the C++ root directory for build 
instructions, dependencies, etc. You need to have C++ source and the 
specs to build SVN source.

> I am attempting to install qpid on an ubuntu machine.  Since ubuntu is a very
> popular distribution, perhaps the devs could add it to the ubuntu repo so it
> can be installed as easily as fedora? (perhaps one of the non-redhat
> employees :) )
> The wiki pages are quite confusing for someone trying to build it
> themselves.  I installed the following packages:
>> apt-get install libboost-dev uuid-dev pkg-config build-essential make
> autoconf automake help2man libtool doxygen graphviz ruby
> (it took a little googling to find the right packages for libboost, uuid,
> etc.)
> The next step on this page
> (http://qpid.apache.org/qpid-cpp-build-how-to.html) says that I need to
> check out Java source...notice that the web page file name refers to
> "cpp-build-how-to" and it is linked as such from another page.  Yet the
> bread-crumb-trail at the top of the page puts it under java:
> Apache Qpid > Index > Qpid Java Documentation > Qpid Java How To > Qpid Java
> Build How To > Building > Qpid Cpp Build How To
> I'm checking out recommended source code now (I think it is going to
> retrieve the full trunk, not just c++).  Will post feedback if there are
> further hiccups.

Danushka Menikkumbura
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