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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject qpid-config & some ideas.
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 13:34:19 GMT

I see that Ted has edited this page and wanted to call out a few things.

It looks like we can now configure any queue & exchange option
via qpid-config, these include:


Add Queue Options:
    --durable            Queue is durable
    --cluster-durable    Queue becomes durable if there is only one functioning cluster node
    --file-count N (8)   Number of files in queue's persistence journal
    --file-size  N (24)  File size in pages (64Kib/page)
    --max-queue-size N   Maximum in-memory queue size as bytes
    --max-queue-count N  Maximum in-memory queue size as a number of messages
    --limit-policy [none | reject | flow-to-disk | ring | ring-strict]
                         Action taken when queue limit is reached:
                             none (default) - Use broker's default policy
                             reject         - Reject enqueued messages
                             flow-to-disk   - Page messages to disk
                             ring           - Replace oldest unacquired message with new
                             ring-strict    - Replace oldest message, reject if oldest is
    --order [fifo | lvq | lvq-no-browse]
                         Set queue ordering policy:
                             fifo (default) - First in, first out
                             lvq            - Last Value Queue ordering, allows queue browsing
                             lvq-no-browse  - Last Value Queue ordering, browsing clients
may lose data
    --generate-queue-events N
                         If set to 1, every enqueue will generate an event that can be processed
                         registered listeners (e.g. for replication). If set to 2, events
will be
                         generated for enqueues and dequeues

Add Exchange Options:
    --durable    Exchange is durable
    --sequence   Exchange will insert a 'qpid.msg_sequence' field in the message header
                 with a value that increments for each message forwarded.
    --ive        Exchange will behave as an 'initial-value-exchange', keeping a reference
                 to the last message forwarded and enqueuing that message to newly bound

in addition the tool can be used to test the current set properties of
a queue or exchange.

$ qpid-config queues
Queue Name                                  Attributes
perftest0                                   --durable
reply-dhcp-100-18-254.bos.redhat.com.20713  auto-del excl
topic-dhcp-100-18-254.bos.redhat.com.20713  auto-del excl

IT you have not played with it it is worth a whirl...

Something worth adding would be qpid-msg tool, which could
browse messages on a queue, dequeue a message to a file, move
messages from queue to queue and enqueue a message from a file.

That would be handy for testing, and debugging. Maybe even in some
production admin use cases... anyone jump in.


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