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From aamir.moham...@aon.ca
Subject FieldTable decoding not working on ppc64?
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 17:13:05 GMT

I have compiled qpid (trunk) on the ppc64 architecture. I have 
successfully run the "direct" example in a number of different 
configurations (qpid broker running on x86 and clients running on ppc, and 
vice versa). 

Then I made the following modifications to the "direct" example. In 
direct_producer.cpp, I changed the messages to:

for (int i=0; i<count; i++) { 
        FieldTable flds;
        flds.setDouble("foo", 0.99999999);
        char* buff = new char[128];
        Buffer buffer(buff, 128);

        string data;
        data.assign(buffer.getPointer(), buffer.getSize());


In "listener.cpp" I changed the following method:

void Listener::received(Message& message) {
        string msg = message.getData();
        char* buff = new char[msg.size()];
        memcpy(buff, msg.data(), msg.size());
        Buffer buffer(buff, msg.size());

        FieldTable flds;
        double x;
        flds.getDouble("foo", x);
        std::cout << x << std::endl;

I have successfully run this code in the following configurations:

1. x86 message broker, x86 direct_producer, x86 listener
2. ppc64 message broker, ppc64 direct_producer, x86 listener
3. ppc64 message broker, ppc64 direct_producer, x86 listener

However, my listener.cpp compiled on ppc64 does not work at all. On ppc64, 
the listener program seg faults on the line getDouble("foo")  ... 
Something inside FieldTable is failing on ppc64. Does anyone know where 
the bug might be? Could qpid be decoding to the wrong endianess on ppc?


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