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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject AMQP Paper, using Qpid
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:35:29 GMT


I was pointed to a link to this paper...,  a nice piece of work:


Few comments that may help you if you are still doing work in the area.

- You should be able to achieve better results by using the raw OFED 
RDMA support Qpid has
- There has been quite a lot of mutex work in the broker, which I 
believe is post the report.
- there have been updates around consumer side threading, which I 
believe is also post the report.
- On the IB side, RHEL 5.2 is OFED 1.3, that should also give you better 
- You talk about decentralization, you could look at these cases using 
Federation, note that federation
also supports OFEB 1.3 RDMA in Qpid.

As the report is in the context of financial applications, there are a 
few additional patterns that
I would be glad to provide information on. These are the support for 
LVQ, Ring queue, and LVE, etc

Few area's that have been played with that would maybe also be of 
interest to your research are:
- lock-free queues impl for the broker. Have seen some benefits in this area
- there are some interesting changes coming down from upstream Linux 
around private futextes which may
have significat effect, there is also some changes to Nagle options 
happening in upstream Linux. you would
need to pick up RHEL 5.3 to play with the futexes, or MRG-RT.

Nice piece of work, happy to provide any additional information for your 
future work section

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