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From "Patrik Berglund" <Patrik.Bergl...@jeppesen.com>
Subject RE: First try using the python client
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2008 13:28:29 GMT
> Gordon Sim wrote:
> Patrik Berglund wrote:
> > Q2. What happen to messages sent to an exchange, that for 
> some reason
> >     has not (yet) been declared and bound as above. In our 
> example the
> >     messages just disappear.
> If the exchange has not been created, the transfer to that 
> exchange will 
> fail with a 404, not found exception.

Badly formulated of me, I really ment to refer to a missing queue
declare, not the exchange at all. (We only use the amq.direct for

> The spec says that if the accept-mode is explicit (and 
> discard-unroutable is not set), the broker should issue a reject. 
> Unfortunately that feature is not yet implemented.
> I've created a Jira for that [1]. I'm afraid its probably a 
> bit late to 
> get that in for M4, but I'll work on getting that in as soon as the 
> feature freeze is lifted.

Okey, I understand. We will try to work around it as you suggest!


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