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From August Zajonc <augu...@augustz.com>
Subject Working with IDLE connections
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 15:00:39 GMT
I've got a quick beginner question.

I've got a consumer. When it's done working it checks to see if anything 
else is waiting in the private queue that it's using. If there is 
nothing waiting, it just wants to listen (with a callback or similar) 
rather than spin in a loop burning cycles.

It wants any messages received after it's last inquiry to trigger the 
callback (to avoid a race where it checks, a message then arrives, then 
it starts listening, but leaves that message orphaned). The trick though 
is that there is only 1 consumer, and if it's processing a message, it'd 
prefer not to receive a callback for new ones until it is again "IDLE".

What's the classic way to handle this? Is this built in, or do a I need 
to set the callback to something that manages my consumer and keeps 
track of consumer state.

- August

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