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From "Shahbaz Chaudhary" <schaudh...@marcopolonetwork.com>
Subject JMS: No Route (error 312)
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2008 18:45:13 GMT
I am getting a 'no route' error when I publish to a topic which does not
yet have a subscriber.  This problem is exactly the same as this:

In the link, someone advises that Qpid specific session should be used
instead of JMS specific session.  When topic producer is created
(createProducer(...)), pass in false as the mandatory flag.

Two problems: 

Where do I use the qpid specific session?  Is there a qpid specific
version of TopicSession?  

Secondly, I am creating topic producer by using
"session.createPublisher(mytopic)". I haven't found any document which
describes the difference between .createPublisher and .createProducer.
Which is the right one to use?


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