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From "Shahbaz Chaudhary" <schaudh...@genghisfund.com>
Subject java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 19:55:58 GMT
I have recently been dealing with qpid (the last release M2 version) running out of memory.
 I'm running it on a linux box with 4 gigs of ram (2 gigs allocated to qpid).

I start sending data to qpid around 9:30 through the C# api and qpid starts with about 10
megs of memory use.  Today, around 3:30, it used up its two gigs.

As mentioned in a previous email, the only reason for this I can think of is that the queues
are not getting dequeued fast enough (the clients are too slow) and they start to fill up.

I spent some time going through the JMX monitor (VisualJVM), but, frankly, I can't tell which
queues are the ones taking up all the memory.

I have an hprof file (1.5 gig) as well which is generated when the jvm dies due to memory
problems.  I can't quite tell what to look for in the file either.

Finally, I don’t think my clients are too slow.  The largest amount of data I publish is
less than 150 megs!

How can I resolve this?  

If C# clients were keeping up with the trunk version of qpid, I'd just upgrade and see if
the issue gets resolved :)
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