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From "Robert Greig" <robert.j.gr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: General question regarding Java QPID
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 18:25:34 GMT
2008/5/8 Shahbaz Chaudhary <schaudhary@marcopolonetwork.com>:
> I am interested in a non-jms api, frankly, for some silly reasons.

Well, I don't think your reasons are silly. I have heard these things
several times, so let me give you my perspective.

>  have never gotten used to Java's (J2EE's actually) InitialContext, JNDI,
>  various configuration files, etc.

The initial context is one bit that does tend to change from vendor to
vendor so I agree it can be awkward. However I would argue that Qpid's
implementation makes this as simple to use as possible - you basically
need one properties file into which you can put the configuration. Or
alternatively, of course, you do not need to use JNDI at all - you can
construct AMQConnection objects.

I would recommend the Qpid properties file configuration personally,
since you inevitably want to put the configuration somewhere outside
of your code.

With Qpid you do not need any external JNDI server (unless you choose
to use one of course).

>  I also expect that the AMQP library to be faster and possibly better
>  typed--so I don't deal with generic onMessage(Message) or
>  onMessage(Object), etc. functions ('generic' being used here as normal
>  English, not as Java's Generics)

I don't think that an AMQP library would be faster in most cases. The
way it is implemented, JMS does not add much overhead on the client.
There are of course certain cases where it could be faster I grant you
but I'd have to think a bit about that. Maybe others can jump in if
they see any specific scenarios?

In terms of the typing, how would you like the API to look? We could
possibly integrate any good ideas you have into our extended JMS API.

>  I am a single developer here who needs to quickly set up the broker and
>  start publishing/subscribing to data.  All my development is new.  I
>  need to deal with financial data, which means as low latency as
>  possible.

I work for a tier one investment bank, in the front office - if you
want, you can search for me on linkedin.com to see what I do. So high
throughput and low latency are key requirements for me as well.

It should be possible to get qpid running very quickly indeed -
literally unzip the broker and it should work out of the box without
any special configuration. People have been doing some work on our
docs recently (it is something getting a lot of attention) so do let
us know if anything is unclear or does not work as expected.


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