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From "Kalle Kärkkäinen" <kalle.karkkai...@intstream.fi>
Subject publish to multiple clients
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 11:12:48 GMT

I'm giving qpid (java version M1) a serious jab, I'm in the middle of 
using it to transport various messages from my server to my multiple 

First, my idea of it.

1) Since broker can have multiple servers installed, and I really like 
to handle server-side user right management, I'm using random queue 
names and a service search channel. So servers are listening to 'search' 

2) Each server has two channels, 'command' and 'broadcast'.

3) 'command' channel has communication from client to server. Each 
client has a private reply queue (temporary).

4) 'broadcast' channel is for system wide (server wide) updates. Say, 
some client sends a message saying that this data needs to be updated to 
this, he gets an update to his private queue saying update-ok, and new 
state of data is updated via 'broadcast' queue so that everyone is 
up-to-speed on the latest developments.

Well, this seems to be working poorly. It seems that I'm unable to get a 
message broadcasted to multiple clients. The private message and all 
that works very well.

I'm constructing the broadcast queue like this:

broadcastChannel = session.createQueue(id+"-broadcast");
broadcaster = session.createProducer(broadcastChannel);

and sending stuff to it like this:

JMSTextMessage msg = session.createTextMessage();

I'm using a non-transactional session with client ack.

So, what gives?


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