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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: C++: exposing options like TCP_NODELAY
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 10:26:22 GMT
Marnie McCormack wrote:
> I think what you are proposing sounds good. Excuse my C++ ignorance, but is
> there any way to deprecate SetTcpNoDelay i.e. keep it in there but indicate
> that new client apps should not use it ? I ask as I know of at least one
> application already using this method in prod.

The API for the c++ client has changed significantly between M2 and 
trunk. We do have an implementation of the old interface mapped to the 
new one, but that was mainly used for transitioning and my intention was 
always to remove it.

I suspect there would be several issues in upgrading an application from 
the M2 c++ client to the trunk c++ client (and setting tcp-nodelay would 
be the least of them!). It is certainly possible to minimise that by 
providing a legacy 'adapter' of some sort. As always this is going to be 
a matter of balancing the available effort with the demand from users.

As with all feature requests and feedback, I'd encourage users who are 
planning such a transition and are keen to minimise the impact make 
their voices heard and we can figure out the best path forward.

Ultimately the aim is to have higher level abstractions that would be 
entirely independent of the protocol version. Applications could program 
to those abstractions and not worry about the details of the mapping 
underneath. At present we have the core API in place on trunk that 
exposes all the AMQP commands and concepts fairly directly. We also have 
the beginnings of some more abstracted utilities. So its a great time to 
  try it all out and influence the evolution!

(One caveat to that: there will be a degree of change as we transition 
from the 0-10 preview to the 0-10 final version; that should be 
completed quite soon I expect).

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