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From Brent Villalobos <Brent.Villalo...@pdi.dreamworks.com>
Subject Re: QPIDMC and Eclipse
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 17:15:37 GMT
Sorry, the eclipse subdirectory exists, but there is no startup.jar file 
in it that the qpidmc.sh file expects (looking at the "-jar" argument of 
the java command).  There is only a "plugins" directory that contains 
two jar files and a folder.   Perhaps there is a setup step that I 
skipped or isn't documented to configure that part of the management 
console.  Anyway, I got this from the 
"/Java/qpid-1.0-incubating-M2-management-console-unix.tar.gz" path of 
the "final.tar.gz" file from 
"http://archive.apache.org/dist/incubator/qpid/M2-incubating/".  The md5 
checks out (1a62ad83bb7259db034e564f4a028b5c).

Aidan Skinner wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 7:08 PM, Brent Villalobos
> <Brent.Villalobos@pdi.dreamworks.com> wrote:
>> I'm trying to get qpidmc working by following the instructions at
>>  http://cwiki.apache.org/qpid/configuring-qpid-management-console.html.
>>  However, it is not working.  I run "qpidmc.sh linux gtk x86" and I get
>>  this error:
>>     Unable to access jarfile
>>  /usr/pic1/qpid-1.0-all/Java/qpidmc/eclipse/startup.jar
>>  Looking at the qpidmc.sh file, it is looking for jars in a
>>  "$QPIDMC_HOME/eclipse" subdirectory which does not exist.  Luckily, I
> That subdirectory being missing is bad, almost everything lives in
> there. Which archive did you download and what's it's md5sum?
> - Aidan

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