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From "Andy Grove" <a...@codesuccess.com>
Subject RE: QPID M2 and Berkley DB
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2007 09:19:54 GMT
Thanks Robert. I have this building now.

I would be interested in contributing to an Apache friendly message store if
help is needed. I'm still getting up to speed with AMQP but have extensive
database and JDBC experience.



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From: Robert Greig [mailto:robert.j.greig@gmail.com] 
Sent: 04 November 2007 08:14
To: qpid-users@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Re: QPID M2 and Berkley DB

On 03/11/2007, Andy Grove <andy@codesuccess.com> wrote:

> I tried building from source but there are some source incompatibilities
between bdbstore and QPID M2. I made the following minor changes to be able
to compile QPID M2 and bdbstore.

I'm really sorry but it appears that Martin has given you the wrong
URL. The URL he gave was for M2.1 not M2.

If you download from
it should work. I just tried it and it worked - all I needed to do was
remove SNAPSHOT from the pom.xml in the bdbstore directory since M2
qpid has now been made ready for release (i.e. snapshot removed from

Can someone fix the pom in the bdbstore not to reference snapshot? I
tried to commit my change but it appears I don't have the right
permissions on the RH svn repo.

> I don't yet understand the relationship between Apache and Red Hat on
these projects. Red Hat obviously have their own broker implementation based
on QPID. Is the intention for bdbstore to be backwards compatible with
Apache QPID? Should I file bugs with Apache and/or Red Hat for this issue?

The RH svn contains some modules that cannot be hosted on apache for
licence reasons. The RH svn does not contain any code that forks qpid.

For issues with the BDB store you should ideally raise them on the RH
mailing lists. For M3 there are plans to create a persistent store
that is apache-friendly; in fact I believe a JDBC store may already
exist. The BDB store offers very good performance, although a
specialised store should be able to improve on it further and I know
that this is something that some people are interested in exploring

I should point out that the BDB store is certainly production quality
- it is being used in production today for several key systems that I
know about and has been extensively tested.

Again, apologies for the trouble you have had getting this to work.


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