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From "Etienne Antoniutti" <etienne.antoniu...@adaptivebytes.com>
Subject Re: Implementing clustering support for Qpid Java broker
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 23:22:34 GMT
Hello Everybody, 

sorry, noticed this just now, while cleaning my inbox.

Is there any further development on this topic ?
I'd might be interested in being involved on java clustering. 


>----- Original Message -----
>From: glahiru@gmail.com
>To: dev@qpid.apache.org
>Data: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 14:59:43 +0530
>Subject: Re: Implementing clustering support for Qpid Java broker

>Hi Rob,
>Yes true I agree that we need to look in to the architecture and look on how
>should we implement clustering and I just post about the library since Sorin
>just asked about the library and I am currently looking in to the broker
>architecture before deciding anything and I hope to discuss every step in
>the list before implementing anything.
>I am thinking of listing what are we going to achieve by clustering Java
>broker. Then we can discuss on where should we start and what is the first
>version of clustering support should do. Then we can work on it and make
>sure all of them are successfully implemented.
>Currently what I am thinking is achieving HA without loosing messages which
>is the basic requirement of any clustering approach.
>Thanks a lot Robert for your reply. can you please elaborate little bit on
>why should we wait until the AMQP 1-0 support is finished, if there's a
>pretty good reason for that we can wait until it comes up.
>On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 2:47 PM, Robert Godfrey <rob.j.godfrey@gmail.com>wrote:
>> First of all we need to be clear about what we mean / want to achieve
>> by "clustering".
>> If we are talking about clustering for reliability/HA then we need to
>> be very clear that the limitations AMQP 0-8/0-9/0-9-1 prevent us from
>> actually implementing this unless we mandate that every message
>> published into the broker is inside a transaction (due to the fact
>> that published messages are not acknowledges for AMQP 0-x versions
>> where x < 10).
>> The next issue is that the Java broker has not really been designed
>> with clustering in mind - it's therefore not clear inside the code
>> which pieces of state need to be replicated / where the broker should
>> wait to hear that state has been successfully replicated before
>> proceeding.
>> My personal view on clustering is that we need to spend a fair amount
>> of time thinking about the internal architecture of the broker before
>> we start worrying about what other libraries / tools we pull in.
>> There are probably ways of doing and active-passive cluster relatively
>> cheaply (essentially replicating the store to the passive broker) -
>> I'm not sure if this would help your use case Lahiru.
>> Having said all the above, I am very keen to add clustering
>> functionality to the Java Broker, and I've some vague notion that I
>> should start looking at this later in the year.  Personally I'd be
>> looking at doing it after whatever re-architecting is done for
>> supporting AMQP 1-0.
>> Sorry if I sound discouraging - and if someone can come along and show
>> an easy way to add clustering, I'd be impressed.
>> Cheers,
>> Rob
>> On 7 July 2010 00:30, Lahiru Gunathilake <glahiru@gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Hi devs,
>> >
>> > Last couple of weeks I was working with Qpid Java broker in an actual
>> > production environment and I encounter a scenario where we should cluster
>> > Qpid and since we do not have a native clustering support we found a
>> > solution to the single point of failure of Qpid but it is not an actual
>> > cluster since we do not replicate the messages among nodes. So I would be
>> > really happy to work in a clustering implementation for Qpid.
>> >
>> > Appreciate your ideas on this and I will update the list once we discuss
>> a
>> > proper design for clustering implementation.
>> >
>> > Regards
>> > Lahiru
>> >
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