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From "Robert Godfrey" <rob.j.godf...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [C++] Build
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 07:23:20 GMT
FYI I independently built the C++ broker from M2 on a similar 64-bit
computer (Fedora Core 6 x86-64) last night.  I got it running, and
connected using the java client and managed a fair degree of

Eventually the broker seemed to hang, but it was too late at night to
start trying to diagnose.  Hopefully I'll get another chance to look
at it this evening (the computer is at home).

I downloaded and built all the known AMQ brokers (qpid, RabbitMQ and
OpenAMQ) last night and will have a play at getting some interop and
performance stats out of them as I get a chance...


On 01/05/07, Martin Ritchie <ritchiem@apache.org> wrote:
> On 30/04/07, Alan Conway <aconway@redhat.com> wrote:
> > On Mon, 2007-04-30 at 13:02 -0400, Alan Conway wrote:
> > > I've been working on the M2 branch also and haven't seen the problem.
> > > Soon as I finish my current commit I'll make an RPM for you to try.
> >
> > Martin, if you're still looking for an M2 x86_64 build try these RPMs:
> > http://rhm.et.redhat.com/download/qpidd-0.1-5.M2.x86_64.rpm
> > http://rhm.et.redhat.com/download/qpidc-0.1-5.M2.x86_64.rpm
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Alan.
> >
> Thanks for the RPMs Alan. I wish I had better news, but the behaviour
> is the same. I must have some incompatible item installed. Do you have
> 32Bit rpm's to hand. Perhaps I can try and narrow down the problem.
> Cheers
> --
> Martin Ritchie

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