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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: C++ M2 JIRAs
Date Wed, 02 May 2007 10:01:21 GMT
Rupert Smith wrote:
> I have some pending commits to make on the Java side of interop to complete
> it. Are you doing the C++ as per the spec. so they will talk to one 
> another?

Yes, I am trying to do that. Also looking at whats there so far on the 
java side.

The property name for the assigned role isn't yet specified (at least I 
couldn't find it). I just used 'ROLE' for now. The valid values aren't 
specified either - ideally that would be done per test case to allow 
future cases to vary the roles if needed.

Some questions:

* Does start only get called for certain roles (e.g. sender)?

* I'm assuming that the report should be sent in response to the start 
request, at least for the sender. However I wasn't sure if the receiver 
should do the same or send it in response to the status request.

* I'm guessing that the reply-to on both messages would be the same 
anyway, but probably worth clarifying. This also means we have to 
standardise on the format for reply-to - I'll take what the jms client 
does as that standard for now. (In part I would rather use a well-known 
queue for responses, but whats there works as well).

Some suggestions:

* can we combine the role assignment and start controls? (This would get 
rid of the ambiguity pointed out in the second question above).

* do we need both CLIENT_NAME and CLIENT_PRIVATE_CONTROL_KEY given that 
the latter includes the former? e.g. could we just assign names to 
processes from the command line and use a topic style hierachy such as 
iop.control.java.receiver1, iop.control.java.receiver2, 
iop.control.cpp.sender1 etc

* STATUS_REQUEST seems more like a STOP request to me, sent to roles 
that do not have a natural, automatic completion point. All roles would 
send a report on completion.

> Once I've got the Java checked in I think I will write the interop test
> clients for .Net too.
> Also, I'm doing this on the M2 branch.

Me too.

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