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From "Tomas Restrepo" <tomas.restr...@devdeo.com>
Subject RE: Presentation...
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 14:00:13 GMT
Hi Marnie,

> Sounds like you and Carlos are getting on well with the .NET plans ! 

Yeah, well, we work together so it's not hard to coordinate stuff :)

> I understand exactly about the need for more .NET contributers,
> particularly
> because of the likely broad scope of 0.10. Not sure how best to go
> about
> attracting .NET-ers to Qpid. I wonder if there are industry forums we
> could
> use to encourage new .NET contributers to get involved too ?

I'm not sure yet, but I'll think a bit more about it!

> On the wiki content, I built up most of the Java stuff in response to
> how
> tos I had to figure out when doing client development (to talk to Qpid)
> myself and added to it as people asked me things that they needed to
> know to
> get the broker/client running/talking.

My idea is to start off with build instructions (I've updated the readme in
svn, but having better docs is always a good thing) and then work my way up
from there to how to use the API. I think I finally realized how to login to
confluence to edit pages, so hopefully I'll get some of this done over the

Tomas Restrepo

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