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From "Tomas Restrepo" <tomas.restr...@devdeo.com>
Subject RE: Presentation...
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 01:41:01 GMT
Hi Marnie,

> I think it'd be really useful to start thinking/posting/wiki-ing/jira-
> ing
> the M3 stuff we'd like to focus on, particularly so that developers
> like
> Carlos can start contributing with a picture of where we're going (at
> least
> which bit of the route we're currently on !).

We should absolutely do this. I do plan on writing (but not sure when) at
least *something* for the wiki on the .NET client, as there's currently no
content at all. Just exactly does one write content for it?

> Not sure whether we have enough .NET JIRAs to do this, and I'm guessing
> that
> 0.10 of AMQP will have major influence ?

We have some JIRAs for .NET we're working on, though we certainly need to
add more. I have a list of things I've identified that need fixing; I'll go
through them and add JIRAs. That said, the focus for Carlos and me now
should be stabilizing the .NET client on 0.8, improve compatibility and make
the client more robust and usable. A large portion of the code is in
disarray, so we're trying to improve it as we go fixing things here and
there. (as you can see, I've been talking to Carlos a lot about this so we
do have some idea where we're going).

AMQP 0.10 will certainly be a major influence, but I'm still waiting to see
what the working group comes up with... it does look like we'll have to do
major changes and a significant rewrite at least of the framing and possibly
the API, which means a lot of work there. Certainly I'm not expecting we'll
be able to support multiple protocol versions on the .NET client for now (at
least I'm thinking we'll need to stay on a single version until 1.0) unless
more people join and contribute to development... I just don't see the
bandwidth needed to do that for now. 

Tomas Restrepo

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