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From "Tomas Restrepo" <tomas.restr...@devdeo.com>
Subject RE: .NET Client builds
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 11:09:38 GMT
Hi Rupert,

> It does currently build from the command line, outside of the IDE,
> using
> msbuild (which is dependant on the VS project files though). I'm quite
> happy
> with the scripts that are there at the moment, for example, there is a
> shell
> script, that builds and packages a release, which has come in handy
> quite a
> few times.

Ohh, absolutely, I do that all the time as well. In fact, that's precisely
one of the reasons I'd like to create a more robust script, so that we can
do release builds for all environments easier.

> Having NAnt scripts instead sounds like a more satisfactory solution.
> All
> I'd like to ask is that the old scripts are left in place, till the new
> ones
> are ready, and that a (little) bit of information is provided to tell
> me how
> to run them.

Not a problem. In fact, we could simply leave the batch scripts in there and
have them call nant instead with the appropriate arguments for the build.

I'll jira this and work on it soon.

Tomas Restrepo

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