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From acon...@apache.org
Subject [qpid-proton] branch go1 updated (e3c49ae -> 463557b)
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2019 18:24:05 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

aconway pushed a change to branch go1
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/qpid-proton.git.

    from e3c49ae  Merge tag '0.26.0' into go1
     new e769f78  PROTON-1944, PROTON-1926: update versions for 0.27.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 486fbaf  PROTON-1953: [go] occasional client/server hang with high volume of messages
     new d9b4b98  PROTON-1910: [go] test refactor and benchmarks
     new c249107  PROTON-1954: [go] Container should default to random container-id
     new 55b2735  PROTON-1952: [go] Server connection fails to authenticate
     new f46076e  NO-JIRA: Fix go vet -v warnings, minor typos
     new 32c7036  NO-JIRA: longer timeout in heartbeat test, false failures
     new ccaeaa0  PROTON-1955: [go] incorrect conversion between Go time and AMQP time
     new 84844a9  NO-JIRA: Map Go errors to amqp::internal-error
     new 2a84494  PROTON-1956: [go] server does not close transport on unexpected disconnect
     new ef716fa  PROTON-1910: [go] proton.Link allow sending/receiving message as bytes
     new 886d2b9  PROTON-1910: [go] native Message implementation
     new 4a9f3b9   PROTON-1910: [go] move message encode/decode to handler thread
     new 7856d2d  NO-JIRA: [go] example receiver grants credit like other examples
     new 8b29f41  NO-JIRA: Benchmark script for comparing examples in different languages
     new 994db75  NO-JIRA: [c,cpp] monkey-patch python 2.7 unittest features for python 2.6
     new 7ba1bfa  NO-JIRA: [go] Avoid use of testing.TB.Name() for older Go versions
     new 8292110  NO-JIRA: [c,cpp] fix monkey-patch of python 2.7 unittest features for python
     new 4939f74  NO-JIRA: [c,cpp] Fix example scripts for old python and CMake
     new 33ec78e  NO-JIRA: [go] Check Sender.Error() before sending
     new c36a1a7  NO-JIRA: [go] example of using a selector
     new 674e023  NO-JIRA: [go] Clean up warnings from `go vet -shadow`
     new d8cebe4  PROTON-1910: [go] fix faulty message test
     new 90dbf46  NO-JIRA: [go] common internal/test package for qpid.apache.org
     new ded03b1  NO-JIRA: [go] Remove testing.TB.Helper(), only available from Go 1.9
     new d8a83eb  NO-JIRA: [cpp] Minor API doc cleanup
     new 6e9bbe9  PROTON-1959: [cpp] Update simple_send example to re-send on reconnect
     new 84b0129  PROTON-1959: [c epoll] Fix crash in some reconnect scenarios.
     new 77ddf4b  PROTON-1959: [cpp] Zero pn_listener_t* in  proton::listener::stop()
     new f53c768  PROTON-1959: [cpp] API additions to simplify reconnect
     new 0bdba37  PROTON-1887: [c] Convert C tests to use Catch2 harness.
     new d1d55df  PROTON-1887: [c] fix signed/unsigned warning
     new 6e91813  PROTON-1968: Fix ssl_stub compiling as C++
     new 52148b0  PROTON-1969: Explicitly use python to run the tox test
     new ee80b2b  PROTON-1970: Allow proton-core to be compiled by msvc9 - This is needed
to compile for python2.7 setup.py
     new ba8c591  PROTON-1973: Make proton_tests runnable as a module
     new b1ec546  PROTON-1974: Correctly detect libraries with earlier versions of CMake
     new ec97465  PROTON-1959: [cpp] Binary compatible reconnect
     new b44e3ff  NO_JIRA: [c] Fix minor proactor test bugs
     new 6a5140b  PROTON-1978: [c] Make disposition performative handling more efficient -
Minimise the effort to update deliveries affected by the disposition   performative:   If
there are fewer deliveries outstanding than delivery ids in the   performative then loop through
them all to update them.   Otherwise, loop through the specified delivery ids. - We have to
go through this effort as we don't keep the outstanding   deliveries sorted by id. Instead
they are in a hash table and in  [...]
     new 5ba471d  PROTON-1979: [c] Forbid AMQP values that could lead to a nested descriptor
type - Any described type descriptors that could lead to a nested described type in the  
descriptor type itself are forbidden as these can lead to indefinite stack use. - In any event
only symbol and ulong are currently valid types for descriptors,   all other types are reserved
although syntactically valid (according to amqp 1.0).
     new 3b1edb5  PROTON-1983, PROTON-1805: Allow fuzzer regression tests to use response
files - Fixed bugs which make the standalone regression runner fail on Windows and Mac - Allow
fuzz tests to build under VS12 & VS10
     new 58ec2b1  PROTON-1984: [c] Avoid O(n^2) complexity in pn_data_inspect
     new 203ffed  PROTON-1979: [c] Only allow scalars (non compound types) as descriptors
     new 3fba028  PROTON-1982: C tests written in C++ fail to build if no C++ compiler
     new 6745a50  PROTON-1981: [cpp] timestamp::now returns wrong value.
     new a2aa764  PROTON-830: trivial README change, testing JIRA commit notifications and
GitHub mirror after git-wip-us to gitbox migration, ignore.
     new a051803  PROTON-985: Modify pn_transport_tick to use a monotonic clock.
     new f1fa9f7  PROTON-985: [go] Update pn_proton_tick() return type.
     new 8e15ea4  PROTON-985: [go] Go binding uses monotonic clock
     new ff001b8  PROTON-1984: Some tests for pn_data_inspect
     new b456360  PROTON-1984: [c] Avoid O(n^2) complexity in pn_data_inspect - Rework original
change to preserve correct stringifying of pn_data_t - Unfortunately restores some potential
O(n^2) behaviour but in many   fewer cases.
     new 5d769bc  PROTON-1985: [Python] Actually make default to listen forever - Bug in current
behaviour such that default ends up throwing every message away
     new ffe4915  PROTON-1986: [Python] Make example broker work with anonymous links - If
you receive a message on a link with no target address then use the message address
     new 6397116  PROTON-1984: Fix pn_data_inspect test to work on 32 bit machines!
     new 603ce7a  PROTON-1991: [Python] Tornado example no longer works - Scheduler example
seems to have bit rotted - Small logic error in tornado examples
     new ad18a85  NO-JIRA: update years in notice file
     new 54a7beb  PROTON-1990: C++ credit draining fails to toggle off in 2/3 of possible
     new 4041745  NO-JIRA: outdated `pn_connection_driver_free` reference in doc comment
     new 165e961  Merge pull request #171 from jdanekrh/jd_destroy_free_typo
     new aad89ef  PROTON-1990: stay within C++03 constraints
     new 615a5ee  NO-JIRA: Extend timeout on proton_tests/reactor.py test_schedule_cancel
     new d47160b  PROTON-1990: no-op whitespace "fix".  Sorry for the Windows AppVeyor test
     new c203761  PROTON-1944: update .so version to account for changes
     new e5816f3  PROTON-1944: update versions for 0.27.0-rc1
     new 463557b  Merge tag '0.27.0' into go1

The 3956 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 amqp/error.go              |  11 +-
 amqp/interop_test.go       |  27 +--
 amqp/marshal.go            |   2 +-
 amqp/marshal_test.go       |  79 +++----
 amqp/message.go            | 520 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 amqp/message_test.go       | 179 +++++++++++-----
 amqp/types.go              |  26 ++-
 amqp/types_test.go         |  47 ++--
 amqp/unmarshal.go          |   4 +-
 amqp/version.go            |   2 +-
 electron/auth_test.go      |  41 ++--
 electron/benchmark_test.go | 133 ++++++++++++
 electron/common_test.go    | 119 +++++++++++
 electron/connection.go     |  76 +++++--
 electron/container.go      |   5 +-
 electron/electron_test.go  | 349 ++++++------------------------
 electron/error.go          |  35 ---
 electron/handler.go        |  42 ++--
 electron/link.go           |   2 +-
 electron/link_test.go      |  26 +--
 electron/receiver.go       |  15 +-
 electron/sender.go         | 131 +++++++-----
 electron/session.go        |  12 +-
 internal/test/test.go      |  76 +++++++
 proton/engine.go           | 188 +++++++---------
 proton/error.go            |  13 +-
 proton/handlers.go         |   7 +-
 proton/message.go          |  42 +++-
 proton/proton_test.go      |  38 +---
 proton/wrappers.go         |  17 +-
 proton/wrappers_gen.go     |  43 +++-
 31 files changed, 1359 insertions(+), 948 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 electron/benchmark_test.go
 create mode 100644 electron/common_test.go
 delete mode 100644 electron/error.go
 create mode 100644 internal/test/test.go

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