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From kgiu...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1484491 - /qpid/trunk/qpid/cpp/src/tests/ssl_test
Date Mon, 20 May 2013 14:41:16 GMT
Author: kgiusti
Date: Mon May 20 14:41:16 2013
New Revision: 1484491

URL: http://svn.apache.org/r1484491
NO-JIRA: cleanup temp files to fix the distcheck build


Modified: qpid/trunk/qpid/cpp/src/tests/ssl_test
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/qpid/trunk/qpid/cpp/src/tests/ssl_test?rev=1484491&r1=1484490&r2=1484491&view=diff
--- qpid/trunk/qpid/cpp/src/tests/ssl_test (original)
+++ qpid/trunk/qpid/cpp/src/tests/ssl_test Mon May 20 14:41:16 2013
@@ -61,16 +61,15 @@ create_certs() {
     # create server certificate signed by Test-CA
-    certutil -R -d ${CERT_DB} -s "${CERT_SUBJECT}" -o server.req -f ${CERT_PW_FILE} -z /bin/sh
> /dev/null 2>&1
-    certutil -C -d ${CERT_DB} -c "Test-CA" -8 "${CERT_SAN}" -i server.req -o server.crt -f
-    certutil -A -d ${CERT_DB} -n ${TEST_HOSTNAME} -i server.crt -t "Pu,,"
-    rm server.req server.crt
+    certutil -R -d ${CERT_DB} -s "${CERT_SUBJECT}" -o ${TEST_CERT_DIR}/server.req -f ${CERT_PW_FILE}
-z /bin/sh > /dev/null 2>&1
+    certutil -C -d ${CERT_DB} -c "Test-CA" -8 "${CERT_SAN}" -i ${TEST_CERT_DIR}/server.req
-o ${TEST_CERT_DIR}/server.crt -f ${CERT_PW_FILE} -m ${RANDOM}
+    certutil -A -d ${CERT_DB} -n ${TEST_HOSTNAME} -i ${TEST_CERT_DIR}/server.crt -t "Pu,,"
     # create a certificate to identify the client
-    certutil -R -d ${CERT_DB} -s "CN=${TEST_CLIENT_CERT}" -o client.req -f ${CERT_PW_FILE}
-z /bin/sh > /dev/null 2>&1
-    certutil -C -d ${CERT_DB} -c "Test-CA" -8 "*.client.com" -i client.req -o client.crt
-    certutil -A -d ${CERT_DB} -n ${TEST_CLIENT_CERT} -i client.crt -t "Pu,,"
+    certutil -R -d ${CERT_DB} -s "CN=${TEST_CLIENT_CERT}" -o ${TEST_CERT_DIR}/client.req
-f ${CERT_PW_FILE} -z /bin/sh > /dev/null 2>&1
+    certutil -C -d ${CERT_DB} -c "Test-CA" -8 "*.client.com" -i ${TEST_CERT_DIR}/client.req
-o ${TEST_CERT_DIR}/client.crt -f ${CERT_PW_FILE} -m ${RANDOM}
+    certutil -A -d ${CERT_DB} -n ${TEST_CLIENT_CERT} -i ${TEST_CERT_DIR}/client.crt -t "Pu,,"
     #certutil -N -d ${SERVER_CERT_DIR} -f ${CERT_PW_FILE}
     #certutil -S -d ${SERVER_CERT_DIR} -n ${TEST_HOSTNAME} -s "CN=${TEST_HOSTNAME}" -t "CT,,"
-x -f ${CERT_PW_FILE} -z /usr/bin/certutil

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