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From conflue...@apache.org
Subject [CONF] Apache Qpid > QMFv2 Project Page
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 19:15:00 GMT
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     <h2><a href="http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/qpid/QMFv2+Project+Page">QMFv2
Project Page</a></h2>
     <h4>Page <b>edited</b> by             <a href="http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/~tross">Ted
     Fleshed out the compatibility matrix
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     Fleshed out the compatibility matrix<br />
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         <h1><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-Introduction"></a>Introduction</h1>

<p>This developer page shall be used to collect architecture, design, and project information
for the development of the Qpid Management Framework.  It will become the basis for a distilled,
user-oriented set of documentation.</p>

<h1><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-ChangesfromtheOriginal%28QMFv1%29"></a>Changes
from the Original (QMFv1)</h1>

<h1><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-Architecture"></a>Architecture</h1>

<h1><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-Protocol"></a>Protocol</h1>

<p><a href="/confluence/display/qpid/QMF+Map+Message+Protocol" title="QMF Map Message
Protocol">QMF Map Message Protocol</a></p>

<h1><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-Backward%2FForwardCompatibilitywithQMFv1"></a>Backward/Forward
Compatibility with QMFv1</h1>

<p>The following compatibility matrix shows all combinations of V1 and V2 components
(console, agent, and broker).  Those intersections marked "OK" are supported without the need
for compatibility-oriented development.</p>

<div class="preformatted panel" style="border-width: 1px;"><div class="preformattedContent
<pre>                 V1 Console           V2 Console
           |                    |                    |
           |         OK         |       note 3       | V1 Broker
           |                    |                    |
  V1 Agent |   -----------------+   -----------------+
           |                    |                    |
           |       note 1       |       note 2       | V2 Broker
           |                    |                    |
           |                    |                    |
           |       note 3       |         OK         | V1 Broker
           |                    |                    |
  V2 Agent |   -----------------+   -----------------+
           |                    |                    |
           |       note 4       |         OK         | V2 Broker
           |                    |                    |

<p>The following notes address how intersections in the matrix might be supported.</p>

<p>Note 1: V2 broker retains V1 capability<br/>
Note 2: V2 broker proxies V1 agents (including the embedded one) to V2 protocol<br/>
Note 3: V2 clients speak both protocols, choosing which to use by the version of the connected
Note 4: V2 broker proxies V2 agents to V1 protocol</p>

	<li>The features in notes 1 and 2 <b>must</b> be implemented.  It is important
that users not be required to upgrade all components of their deployments at the same time.</li>
	<li>The feature in note 3 <b>may</b> be implemented.  This is considered
lower priority.</li>
	<li>The feature in note 4 <b>shall not</b> be implemented.  Because QMF
V2 is intended to scale to larger networks than are currently possible with V1, and this feature
would limit the scalability of QMF V2, this is considered non-desirable.</li>

<h1><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-Design"></a>Design</h1>

<h1><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-APIs"></a>APIs</h1>

<h2><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-Python"></a>Python</h2>
<h2><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-Ruby"></a>Ruby</h2>
<h2><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-C"></a>C++</h2>
<h2><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-Java"></a>Java</h2>
<h2><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-Windows"></a>Windows</h2>

<h1><a name="QMFv2ProjectPage-DevelopmentRoadmap"></a>Development Roadmap</h1>
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       <a href="http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/qpid/QMFv2+Project+Page">View
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