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Production Releases

These releases are well tested and appropriate for production use. M3 is the latest release of Qpid.

Full release:

If you have any questions please mail the user list user list

AMQP Release Compatibility for Qpid

Installing pre-built packages on Linux

Yum installs are available on Fedora 8 & 9 & 10

On Fedora:
yum install amqp qpidc qpidd python-qpid

use wildcards in qpid if you want to install all the plugins like acl, clustering, etc.

To install a complementary store module:
yum install rhm

a.) that rawhide tracks trunk quite aggressively
b.) java rpm's are not yet available in Fedora yum repos (if you want to help get them in, mail the dev list)

Development Releases

These releases are intended for testing and previewing new features. They have been tested and meet reasonable quality standards.

As Qpid tracks AMQP working group public work aggressively it might be worth mailing the dev list to check the state of svn trunk and if you want to use that to understand the current compatibility matrix.

RPMs for the builds of trunk that have passed all the tests get automatically posted and are available at cruisecontrol – this is out of date. need to fix

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