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looking to pitch in Note that this page only lists what has been added in each release

At some point we should get a full list of features published. If you don't see something, mail the list and ask. good chance we can do it

M4 Adds the following Features

  • .NET, WCF and excel support for AMQP 0-10
  • SSL added for C++ broker and all clients
  • Windows port for C++ client & broker
  • Solaris port for C++ client & broker
  • C++ Broker
    • ACL
    • Active-Active clustering
    • Federation, push bridges & dynamic routes
    • RDMA for C++ broker & C++ client (70-80us, yes us max latency on a well setup machines)
    • support for message TTL
    • Queue options
      • added RING/ STRICT ring
      • LVQ
    • Exchange options
      • LVE
      • message sequencing
    • XQuery based XML Exchange now as plugin
  • Performance work
  • Management for AMQP 0-10
    • QMF C updates
      • Python
      • C++
    • QMF Agent
      • C++
    • QMan JMX bridge for QMF
    • Alerts/ logger for QMF events
  • JMSXUserId
  • Java broker
    • Message Priority
    • bug fixes
    • some prep work for AMQP 0-10

M3 Current – This release implements the AMQP 0-9 & AMQP 0-10 protocol versions

Top level themes for this release:

  • C++ broker supporting AMQP 0-10
  • C++ client supporting AMQP 0-10
  • Java Client support AMQP 0-9 (M2.1) and AMQP 0-10
  • Python Client supporting AMQP 0-9 (M2.1) and AMQP 0-10 (in addition to older versions)
  • Landed the 0-10 infra for Java Broker
  • Federation static routes
  • Solaris Client C++ support
  • bug fixes
  • QMF for C++ / Python.

JIRA for M3:


M2.1 is a maintainer release for the M2 code branch. The detailed breakdown of JIRA's for M2.1 can be found here:

This release implements the the AMQP 0-9 protocol version

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