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Contributors should read:

Testing guidelines:

  • All classes should be unit tested with Boost.Test (Some tests are still using CppUnit, they will be converted.)
  • Broker should pass PythonBrokerTest with
    ./run-tests -I cpp_ignore.tests

Currently built/tested with g++ on Linux using GNU make.

Design Notes

  • durable queues
  • durable exchanges
  • connection redirect (needed for clustering)
  • clustering for load balancing
  • pairing (clustering) for HA
  • automatic transactions
  • server-local trasactions
  • distributed transactions
  • TLS security
  • virtual hosts
  • system exchange

Testing to-do list

  • amqp conformance tests
  • system tests for all AMQP methods.
  • code coverage metrics.
  • unit tests to increase code coverage.

Performance to-do list

  • performance metrics
  • performance tuning

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