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What is Qpid ?

Can you help me get started with Qpid?

How do I install the Qpid broker ?

How do I run the Qpid broker ?

How can I create a connection using a URL ?

How do I represent a JMS Destination string with QPID ?

How do I connect to the broker using JNDI ?

I'm using Spring and Weblogic - can you help me with the configuration for moving over to Qpid ?

How do I configure the logging level for Qpid ?

How can I configure the broker ?

How can I change the port the broker uses at runtime ?

What command line options can I pass into the qpid-server script ?

How do I authenticate with the broker ? What user id & password should I use ?

How do I create queues that will always be instantiated at broker startup ?

Where do undeliverable messages end up ?

Can I configure the name of the Qpid broker log file at runtime ?

My client application appears to have hung?

How do I contact the Qpid team ?

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