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Subject svn commit: r1460063 - /incubator/provisionr/site/trunk/index.html
Date Sat, 23 Mar 2013 00:00:24 GMT
Author: asavu
Date: Sat Mar 23 00:00:24 2013
New Revision: 1460063

Slightly improved version of the website until we build a more serious version


Modified: incubator/provisionr/site/trunk/index.html
--- incubator/provisionr/site/trunk/index.html (original)
+++ incubator/provisionr/site/trunk/index.html Sat Mar 23 00:00:24 2013
@@ -1,15 +1,37 @@
 <!DOCTYPE html>
 <html lang="en">
-<head><title>Apache Provisionr (incubating)</title></head>
+    <title>Apache Provisionr (incubating)</title>
     <div id="header">
         <img src="images/apache-logo.gif" />
         <img style="float: right" src="images/apache-incubator-logo-1.png" />
-    <div id="content" style="margin-top: 50px;">
+    <div id="content" style="margin-top: 50px; width: 680px;">
         <h1>Apache Provisionr (incubating)</h1>
-        <p><a href="">Apache
Incubator Proposal</a></p>
-        <p>This website will be updated over the next couple of days.</p>
+        <i>Self-service infrastructure is the name of the game we are playing.</i>
+        <p>Provisionr is an effort to develop a service that can be used to create
and manage pools of virtual machines on multiple clouds. Our focus is on semi-automated workflows,
cloud portability and on providing a robust foundation for configuration and higher level
+<h2><a name="Objectives"></a>Objectives</h2>
+<p>Provisionr solves the problem of cloud portability by hiding completely the APIs
and only focusing on building a cluster that matches the same set of assumptions on all clouds,
assumptions like: a specific OS,  pre-installed packages and binaries, sane dns settings,
ssh & vpn access etc. - think a solid foundation for configuration.</p>
+<p>As a secondary goal Provisionr will also provide primitives for building automatic
or semi-automatic workflows for configuring and monitoring services, workflows that assume
that all the machines share a common set of characteristics as described above.</p>
+<h2><a name="StayInTouch"></a>How to stay in touch?</h2>
+<p>Right now the best way is to subscribe to the development mailing list by sending
<br />an email to <a href=""></a>.</p>
+<p>JIRA: <a href=""></a></p>
+<h2><a name="GetTheCode"></a>How to get the code?</h2>
+<code>git clone</code></p>
+<p>You can play with previous release by downloading from the <a href="">GitHub

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