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From Rasna Tomar <>
Subject Pio eventserver returning incorrect result
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2017 06:20:47 GMT

I have a use case where in I need to update entityId for enitityType =
I am updating it with Apache phoenix.

Update is successfully happening in both Phoenix and hbase.

But when I check on eventserver I am getting incorrect result .

*          Input - *

   - Suppose, Old entityId = 59af638e4d0dff65996eafa7
      - New enitytId = 59af638e4d0dff65996eafa8

        I have checked following scenarios using eventserver -

   1. Curl request with parameters (entityId, entityType) on  old entityId
   returns "Message not found" - which is obvious because this Id is updated
   2. Curl request with parameters (entityId, entityType) on  new entityId
   also returns "Message not found" - which is not expected
   3. Curl request with parameters (entityId only) on new entityId returns
   proper result
   4. When I again update Id back to old id , eventserver returns proper

Also I am getting this exception for newId -

   - message: "$RowKeyException:
   Incorrect byte array size. Bytes: -65,-51,-28,105,42,13,90,-24,


What is the issue with eventserver?


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