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From Noelia Osés Fernández <>
Subject Log-likelihood based correlation test?
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2017 15:26:37 GMT

I've been trying to understand how the UR algorithm works and I think I
have a general idea. But I would like to have a *mathematical description*
of the step in which the LLR comes into play. In the CCO presentations I
have found it says:

(PtP) compares column to column using
*log-likelihood based correlation test*

However, I have searched for "log-likelihood based correlation test" in
google but no joy. All I get are explanations of the likelihood-ratio test
to compare two models.

I would very much appreciate a math explanation of log-likelihood based
correlation test. Any pointers to papers or any other literature that
explains this specifically are much appreciated.

Best regards,

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