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From Brian Chiu <>
Subject Recommender for social media
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2017 09:10:32 GMT
Hi everyone.

I am trying to use PredictionIO to build a recommender for
social-media-like platform, but as I am new to recommender I would
like to get some suggestion from the community here.

The case is something like Twitter:
- A user can create an item
- A user can like an item
- A user can follow another user

I have spent sometime trying the official templates, but it seems that
they cannot take advantage of "follow another user" relationship.  I
notice that the "Universal Recommender" from actionML is more powerful
than the official template, but also more complex, and I don't know if
it is suitable for my use case.

Is "Universal Recommender" right choice?  Or is there a simpler
solution?  My machine has 16GB memory and around 50,000 users.

Thanks in advance!


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