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From Pat Ferrel <>
Subject Re: How to config a high availability eventserver for PredictionIO ?
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2017 16:24:29 GMT
A truly HA cluster is often not required depending on what you use it for. Can you share what
your application is?

The EventServer in my experience (I wrote the pages references below) has never crashed because
of input. I think the only crash modes I’ve seen involved disk full on some service from
log accumulation, or too much data accumulated. The EventServer is designed to ignore bad
input, not exception out.

If you really do need HA, all services (HBase, HDFS, Elasticsearch, PIO) are designed with
their own HA (multi-master, redundant data) configs. You would put the PIO eventserver and
predictionserver on multiple machines behind a load balancer for instance.

If you see stoppage due to disk full, you might want to plug those issues because HA won’t
help there. Monitoring core/CPU, memory, and disk usage is IMO more important than full HA
unless you do indeed have a business critical use for PIO.

On Aug 7, 2017, at 1:39 AM, ROSSI Anthony <> wrote:


I think you could use one of the ActionML install docs for this purpose.
For example, you could use this one, and modify it to suit your purpose :
This one could also be pertinent : <>

Anthony ROSSI
De : 李文良 <>
Envoyé : lundi 7 août 2017 10:30:08
À :
Objet : How to config a high availability eventserver for PredictionIO ?

EventServer plays a critical role in PredictionIO platform and any abnormal events on it might
cause the system error or halt. We'd like to build up a high availability (HA) architecture
for stability and loading balance in our production environment. However, I can find out the
wanted document from PIO web site. Could you please share your related experience or any suggestions
for us how to config a HA eventserver ? Thanks.

William Lee

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