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From Cody Kimball <>
Subject UR Query Based on Simulated Events
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2017 16:36:54 GMT
I am using the Universal Recommender, and I have a use case where I would
need to query for a given user (as if that user had performed certain
events, but technically hasn't yet, meaning the event data hasn't been
pushed into the Event Store).

I originally thought this would be accomplished via itemSets, but the
documentation seems to suggest otherwise. My hope is to be able to pass a
list of events with the query, without those events technically existing
yet (nor will be created as a result of the query), and getting a different
result set as a result. An example payload may be:

   "user": "userID123",
   "eventList": [{"event":"view", "targetEntityType":"item",
"targetEntityId";"targetID15"},                          {"event":"view",
"targetEntityType":"item", "targetEntityId";"targetID23"},
                       {"event":"interaction", "targetEntityType":"item",
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