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From Pat Ferrel <>
Subject GPUs with The Universal Recommender and PIO
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2017 21:48:20 GMT
Recently I gave a talk about how Apache Mahout is moving to support GPUs at the lowest layer.
This means that the generalized linear algebra of Mahout is GPU accelerated no matter the
algorithm constructed with it. So Spark MLlib will have to wait for specialized work to get
GPUs (IBM is working on something) but this still won’t put other MLlib algos on GPUs. 

Today CCO (the core algorithm of the PIO Template for the UR) as well as the Mahout versions
of ALS, SSVD, and anything easily expressed in linalg, are already getting the benefit. The
more ad-hoc approaches taken in the past by libs like MLlib will be very large efforts to
bring into GPU land and what happens when the rumored ML-cores become available with even
higher throughput? 

If anyone is interested in these developments some are mentioned here:
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