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From Pat Ferrel <>
Subject Re: externalizing the spark's es.nodes property from the engine.json
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2017 16:46:31 GMT
PIO version and template?

For the UR, put them in the “sparkConf” section of engine.json named 

    “es.nodes”: “list,of,hosts"

comma delimited with no spaces.

If not the UR, you may not need this param since the ES master distributes queries in the

On Jun 7, 2017, at 8:42 AM, Dan Guja <> wrote:


Is there a way to externalize the es.nodes property during train phase ?

I've tried with this:
pio train -- ---conf es.nodes=<es.address>

But apparently everything that does not start with spark prefix is ignored. 

I also tried this:
pio train -- ---conf<es.address>

No luck either

Thank you

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