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From Pat Ferrel <>
Subject Re: Update default build targets
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2017 14:37:33 GMT
Hmm, I’d rather see our release on versions that are most commonly deployed. A systems with
so many deps as PIO can run afoul of corp version policies. Then a build for all reasonable
deps will take care of edge cases.

py3 and scala 2.11 seem to be the most commonly deployed, not so much for hadoop 2.7 afaict

ES5 I agree is problematic. One big reason to move to it is so users can use SaaS ES, maybe
someone in user land can better say what version is out in SaaS? I’m not concerned with
ES release schedule, at issue is ES adoption level.

On Jun 5, 2017, at 9:44 PM, Shinsuke Sugaya <> wrote:

> What is the policy driving dependency upgrades?

Although it might be difficult to define it,
how about the following policy:

- Select newer dependencies
- If the above one is not supported in major platforms(ex. AWS,
 Cloudera, Horton), change to the lower version
- Review the version of dependencies at every releases if needed

As for elasticsearch, I would like to keep a newer version
since it will be released monthly.

> I don’t run hadoop 2.7 locally and many users that have Cloudera or Horton
> contracts may not either.

Thank you for the info.
CDH seems not to support hadoop 2.7...
Updated as below:


For Python 2/3, I fixed some templates, such as recommender.
Since I think template scripts can support both Python 2/3,
I'll fix them.


2017-06-06 4:57 GMT+09:00 Pat Ferrel <>:
> What is the policy driving dependency upgrades?
> I don’t run hadoop 2.7 locally and many users that have Cloudera or Horton
> contracts may not either. Not sure why this should be the default until it’s
> the most popular of we need some feature of it.
> I’d agree with most of what @Shinsuke suggests as long as there is an easy
> way to build for any reasonable combination of deps.
> The hard one will be Python 3. All existing python scripts in templates will
> need upgrading since it’s very difficult to support mixed py2 and py3 where
> scala 2.10 and 2,11 are much easier. I still think it’s time to do this but
> mention it because with each upgrade we need to consider how may templates
> are left even further behind. Many now do not work with Apache PIO, this may
> put them further behind.
> Though we work on PIO we must remember that PIO does nothing interesting
> without templates and ask ourselves what pain we may cause for template
> users.
> On Jun 5, 2017, at 11:06 AM, Donald Szeto <> wrote:
> Hey all, this has a huge impact to the default build, so If you see any
> issue with this, please let us know as soon as possible.
> On Sun, Jun 4, 2017 at 10:25 PM, Shinsuke Sugaya <>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We have a plan to change default build targets in PIO-83 and PIO-84.
>> Current versions look too old, so it will be better to support
>> newer versions as default.
>> Current:
>> They will be changed to:
>> 0.12.0:
>> Note that this change does not discard old version supports.
>> If you want to use old versions, you can build PIO with them.
>> Please let us know if you have any concerns.
>> Regards,
>> shinsuke

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