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From Mars Hall <>
Subject Eventserver API in an Engine?
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:29:03 GMT
One of the ongoing challenges we face with PredictionIO is the separation of Engine & Eventserver
APIs. This separation leads to several problems:

1. Deploying a complete PredictionIO app requires multiple processes, each with its own network
2. Eventserver & Engine must be configured to share exactly the same storage backends
(same ``)
3. Confusion between "Eventserver" (an optional REST API) & "event storage" (a required

These challenges are exacerbated by the fact that PredictionIO's docs & `pio app` CLI
make it appear that sharing an Eventserver between Engines is a good idea. I recently filed
a JIRA issue about this topic. TL;DR sharing an eventserver between engines with different
Meta Storage config will cause data corruption:

I believe a lot of these issues could be alleviated with one change to PredictionIO core:

By default, expose the Eventserver API from the `pio deploy` Engine process, so that it is
not necessary to deploy a second Eventserver-only process. Separate `pio eventserver` could
still be optional if you need the separation of concerns for scalability.

I'd love to hear what you folks think. I will file a JIRA enhancement issue if this seems
like an acceptable approach.

*Mars Hall
Customer Facing Architect
Salesforce Platform / Heroku
San Francisco, California

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