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From Vaghawan Ojha <>
Subject Empty result even though there are events
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2017 05:44:35 GMT

I imported the bulk data using pio import --appid (id) --input  data.json .
The import was successful, then I build and trained and deployed the UR,
but when I query the server, it always returns a empty
json {"itemScores":[]} .

I think,  I must be missing something in the config, here is my engine.json

  "comment":" This config file uses default settings for all but the
required values see for docs",
  "id": "default",
  "description": "Default settings",
  "engineFactory": "org.template.RecommendationEngine",
  "datasource": {
    "params" : {
      "name": "sample-handmade-data.txt",
      "appName": "handmade",
      "eventNames": ["purchase", "view"]
  "sparkConf": {
    "spark.serializer": "org.apache.spark.serializer.KryoSerializer",
    "spark.kryo.referenceTracking": "false",
    "spark.kryoserializer.buffer": "300m",
    "": "true"
  "algorithms": [
      "comment": "simplest setup where all values are default, popularity
based backfill, must add eventsNames",
      "name": "ur",
      "params": {
        "appName": "handmade",
        "indexName": "urindex",
        "typeName": "items",
        "comment": "must have data for the first event or the model will
not build, other events are optional",
        "indicators": [
            "name": "purchase"
            "name": "view",
            "maxCorrelatorsPerItem": 50
        "availableDateName": "available",
        "expireDateName": "expires",
        "dateName": "date",
        "num": 4

is the data supposed to come from the sample-handmade-data.txt? I'm not
sure this is weird. My json data import and trains correctly without an
error. And example integration runs fine.

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