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From Kanak Singh <>
Subject Help requested: Multiple events and algorithms on one engine
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2017 23:29:14 GMT
Hi all,
This is my first email so pardon me for any mistakes in email etiquette.

I am trying to create a multi purpose engine in which I can include
multiple algorithms that operate on multiple data sets, and that is what I
need some help with.

I have read the documentation on including multiple algorithms and handling
multiple events. I see that the DataSource and Preparator can collect data
across different channels/ different event types and pass it on as
individual RDD[LabeledPoint] fields of the PreparedData object. And I can
add multiple Algorithm files and have each of them access the respective
PreparedData field that I choose.

However, for this I have to decide which algorithms I can offer to the
client and how many of them, at the time of creating an Engine template
folder. I am trying to go one step further by making one engine handle an
unspecified number of data sets (dynamically uploaded by client using POST
requests) and operate on them using any algorithm (specified perhaps in a
'pio train --algorithm' option).

First of all, is this a good idea?
If so, what is the best way to do it?

Any help or leads would be appreciated.


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