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From Pat Ferrel <>
Subject Re: Problem with Universal Recommender
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2017 02:15:41 GMT
What is the problem?

Scores of more than one are certainly quite normal. The only thing you care about is the ranking/ordering
of the results, not the absolute score. Scores of 0.0 being the exception, which indicates
that the item is returned from the popularity model.

On Feb 17, 2017, at 12:36 PM, Andrea Santurbano <> wrote:

Hi Pat,
here the last iteration of the model: <>
This is how i passed the events: <>
I think i made some other mistake becouse the score values are greater that 1: <>


Il giorno gio 16 feb 2017 alle ore 00:19 Pat Ferrel < <>>
ha scritto:
The properties are input incorrectly, they should all be arrays of strings, even if there
is only one string in the array.

Docs: <>

On Feb 15, 2017, at 1:31 PM, Andrea Santurbano < <>>

Thanks now the system responds,
but as you can see in this gist (is the response for a simple query {"user": "<USER_ID>"}): <>
The "score" field has a strange format.
I updated the model stored in elastic if you want to check it out: <>
Il giorno lun 13 feb 2017 alle ore 19:32 Pat Ferrel < <>>
ha scritto:
The date ranges are meant for examples and are used in the integration test but will block
all your recommendations if you don’t use them. Start from engine.json.minimum instead.
I’ll change this to be more clear in the next release. Specifically:

    "availableDateName": "available",
    "expireDateName": "expires",
    "dateName": "date”,

will cause trouble if you don’t set values to correspond in the query or item properties.
Don’t use them until you need to.

On Feb 13, 2017, at 10:04 AM, Andrea Santurbano < <>>

Hi Pat,
following my engine.json: <>

Il giorno lun 13 feb 2017 alle ore 17:34 Pat Ferrel < <>>
ha scritto:
Then the config is wrong so send engine.json. Did you leave the date ranges and other example
config in the engine?

On Feb 13, 2017, at 12:34 AM, Andrea Santurbano < <>>

Hi Pat!
Thanks for the quick response, the problem is that i get an empty response even if i made
a simple empty query like "{}"... :(

Il giorno dom 12 feb 2017 alle ore 21:00 Pat Ferrel < <>>
ha scritto:
The model looks ok. It looks like you have “purchase” as the conversion event and “categories”
properties for items. 

Since the popularity is being calculated you can only get a blank result if you have supplied
a filter in the query (that disallows everything) or there is some other config problem. I
bet you are specifying a category filter that is ruling out everything in some way.

Can you supply a sample query JSON?

On Feb 12, 2017, at 10:56 AM, Andrea Santurbano < <>>

Hi community,
i'm testing the UR but i'm facing some problem; after the deploy of the algorithm if i try
some simple queries, like the most popular items for instance, the result is always empty.
I tried to debug the model like explained in this page: <>
but i can't figure out where is the problem.
At this url a sample of the model: <>
Thanks for the help!

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