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From Bruno LEBON <>
Subject Data clean up
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:01:51 GMT

I am following the instructions here:
to add the possibility to delete events that are too old to template other
than Universal recommender. I want to add it to ecommerce recommendation.

However it doesnt seem to work.

I have the PredicitonIO 097-aml and the template ecommerce-recommendation
from apache-incubator (0.4.0)

I have the following 3  errors:
[ERROR] [Console$] [error]
not found: type SelfCleaningDataSource
[ERROR] [Console$] [error] with SelfCleaningDataSource {
[ERROR] [Console$] [error]      ^
[ERROR] [Console$] [error]
value eventWindow is not a member of
[ERROR] [Console$] [error]   override def eventWindow = dsp.eventWindow
[ERROR] [Console$] [error]                                  ^
[ERROR] [Console$] [error]
not found: value cleanPersistedPEvents
[ERROR] [Console$] [error]     cleanPersistedPEvents(sc)
[ERROR] [Console$] [error]     ^
[ERROR] [Console$] [error] three errors found

The first is related to the fact that DataSourceParams has no object
declared, so I added it in the declaration of the object DataSourceParams
but which type should I give to it? Is it an Object? I dont know Scala, so
I am not sure how to modify the code to make it work. In engine.json it
refers to :
  "datasource": {
    "params" : {
      "name": "some-name",
      "appName": "autocleangites22",
      "eventNames": ["view"],
      "eventWindow": {
        "duration": "3650 days",
        "removeDuplicates": false,
        "compressProperties": false
so the code accesses to eventWindow.duration.

The second error says that the interface (that would be called so in Java
at least) SelfCleaningDataSource is not found in PredictionIO. When I have
a look at the code I find the interface, under some annotation
trait SelfCleaningDataSource {

and here too (for the method generating the third error):
  def cleanPersistedPEvents(sc: SparkContext): Unit ={

which makes me wonder whether there is a special way to compile the source
code so that the code under this annotation is to be added?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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