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From Harsh Mathur <>
Subject Regarding Remote ES Cluster with Pio
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2016 14:26:44 GMT
Hi PredictionIO developers,
First of all Thank you for a great open source product.

I am Harsh, I was deploying the system in production and I have an ES
instance as a managed service. I am not able to make pio use my managed es
instance instead of me installing a local es. Thanks a lot for all the help
in advance.

I have a ES config in form: https://user:password@host
ports available:
1. x: for http
2. y: for native java node clients

I tried editing as follows:

# Elasticsearch Example

But Pio is not bale to find any nodes:

[INFO] [Storage$] Verifying Meta Data Backend (Source: ELASTICSEARCH)...

[WARN] [netty] [Aftershock] exception caught on transport layer [[id:
0x63808344]], closing connection

[ERROR] [Console$] Unable to connect to all storage backends successfully.
The following shows the error message from the storage backend.

[ERROR] [Console$] None of the configured nodes are available: []

[ERROR] [Console$] Dumping configuration of initialized storage backend
sources. Please make sure they are correct.
Harsh Mathur

*“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the
hard work you already did."*

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