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From Pat Ferrel <>
Subject Re: Query for item and user?
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2016 01:55:09 GMT
That is a documented feature here: <>
Contextual Personalized With Similar Items. No longer experimental, it’s best used when
you boost either user or personal above the other or use it to give item based when there
is no user information.

The problem below can probably be solved by changing indexName in engine.json. You look to
have gotten into a weird state.

On Oct 10, 2016, at 6:24 PM, Gustavo Frederico <> wrote:

  How can I query for recommendations for a given item and a given user? For instance, considering
the context of a product details page viewed by the current shopper. I tried to simply set
the Json to {"user":"...","item":"..."} but I got the error below.  ( out-of-the-box installation
with no model customization )  I'm not sure if the scenario is not supported, or if there's
a problem with the query data.


2016-10-09 15:26:09,468 INFO  com.thinkwrap.parsley.ur1.URAlgorithm [ForkJoinPool-2-worker-1]
- Query received, user id: Some(57D1B24662712CC7696219FA9304D22F), item id: Some(1934793)
2016-10-09 15:26:09,662 ERROR io.prediction.workflow.ServerActor []
- Query:

Stack Trace:
org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchIllegalArgumentException: Alias [urindex] has more than one
indices associated with it [[urindex_1474506677785, urindex_1473114260084]], can't execute
a single index op
        at org.elasticsearch.cluster.metadata.MetaData.concreteIndices(
        at org.elasticsearch.cluster.metadata.MetaData.concreteIndices(
        at org.elasticsearch.cluster.metadata.MetaData.concreteSingleIndex(

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