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From Cristina Giannone <>
Subject Re: predictionIO classpath
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2016 08:17:11 GMT
Hi guys,
thank for the quick replies,

I tried to modify the code in the Recommendation Engine Template (that has
the "io.prediction" classpath) to follow the section "Customizing Data
Preparator" in the quickstart tutorial.
Here the classpath is "org.apache.predictionio". I changed  the classpath
in build.sbt and in the scala file, but when I make the build phase the
result is;

 [info] Resolving org.apache.predictionio#pio-build;0.9.0 ...
                  [info] Resolving org.apache.predictionio#pio-build;0.9.0
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]     module not found:
[INFO] [Console$] [warn] ==== typesafe-ivy-releases: tried
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]
[INFO] [Console$] [warn] ==== sbt-plugin-releases: tried
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]
[INFO] [Console$] [warn] ==== local: tried
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]
[INFO] [Console$] [warn] ==== public: tried
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]
[INFO] [Console$] [info] Resolving com.eed3si9n#sbt-assembly;0.11.2 ...
                  [info] Resolving org.scala-lang#scala-library;2.10.4 ...
                  [info] Resolving org.scala-sbt#sbt;0.13.7 ...
                  [info] Resolving org.scala-sbt#main;0.13.7 ...

[INFO] [Console$] [warn]     ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]     ::          UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES         ::
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]     ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]     :: org.apache.predictionio#pio-build;0.9.0:
not found
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]     ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]     Note: Some unresolved dependencies have extra
attributes.  Check that these dependencies exist with the requested
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]         org.apache.predictionio:pio-build:0.9.0
(scalaVersion=2.10, sbtVersion=0.13)
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]     Note: Unresolved dependencies path:
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]         org.apache.predictionio:pio-build:0.9.0
(scalaVersion=2.10, sbtVersion=0.13)
[INFO] [Console$] [warn]           +-
default:myrecommendation-build:0.1-SNAPSHOT (scalaVersion=2.10,
[INFO] [Console$] sbt.ResolveException: unresolved dependency:
org.apache.predictionio#pio-build;0.9.0: not found

It seems that the "org.apache.predictionio" dependencies cannot be
resolved, while the other ones can.
Did I do something wrong?

Many thanks,

2016-10-03 19:20 GMT+02:00 Donald Szeto <>:

> Hi Cristina,
> Sorry for the confusion. We are pretty close to our first official
> release. We will send out a note and update all docs once that happens.
> Regards,
> Donald
> On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 9:05 AM, Chan Lee <> wrote:
>> Hi Cristina,
>> You're right. The classpath change is part of v0.10 which is not
>> officially released yet. But you can install the latest version by
>> following the instructions here http://predictionio.incub
>> and using the develop branch
>> when running ./
>> However, in order to run the quickstart tutorial with the new version,
>> you'd also need to modify the classpaths in the templates code (build.sbt
>> and .scala files) from "io.prediction" to "org.apache.predictionio"
>> Best,
>> Chan
>> On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Cristina Giannone <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've just downloaded the 0.9.6 version of predictionIO from "
>>> Here the classpath of the installed version is "io.prediction" while  in
>>> the  "quick start" tutorial  the right classpath is
>>> "org.apache.predictionio".
>>> For example using jps command to verify the components, the classpath of
>>> my predictionIO console is:
>>> while in the tutorial the right one is:
>>> Maybe i've download an old version of predictionIO before the Apache
>>> incubation, could you give me the right repository url where i can find a
>>> new version?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Cristina

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