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From Georg Heiler <>
Subject Re: event server - apache nifi & spark data set
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2016 17:49:54 GMT
So a simple recompile for scala 2.11 and upgrade of the spark dependencies
would not be enough.

Would you mind sharing this pull request. I can't seem to find it via
Thanks again.
Regards Georg
Marcin Ziemiński <> schrieb am Fr. 30. Sep. 2016 um 18:05:

> Hi Georg,
> There is currently no support for Apache NiFi integration in the project.
> I have personally been looking closer at NiFi recently and it seems like a
> good idea to glue it with PIO.
> PredictionIO is now in the stage of Apache incubation and the future
> releases after 0.10 will show more new functionality. If you have any ideas
> how it could look like, please feel free to share your conceptions. This is
> actually a very good moment to bring up such issues.
> As far as Datasets are concerned, PIO does not currently support Datasets
> in its API. There is currently a pull request with an update to Spark 2.0,
> so Datasets could be used internally in engines once this is merged, but
> the API doesn't reflect such changes now.
> Regards,
> Marcin
> pt., 30.09.2016 o 17:24 użytkownik Georg Heiler <>
> napisał:
>> Hi,
>> does the event server of PIO integrate with apache nifi?
>> In the examples you use the spark RDD api. Does PIO support sparks 2.0`s
>> datasets as well?
>> regards,
>> Georg

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