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From Ken Weiner <kwei...@unicon.net>
Subject Use of WSRP Service Description WSDL
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 18:49:19 GMT
I see that you can modify the consumer's list of producers by adding a 
new XML file that specifies the URL's for the producers.

In Oracle's implementation of WSRP, the consumer requires only one URL 
to be configured: a WSRP Service Description WSDL similar to this sample 
listed on Oasis's web page:


The content of this WSDL contains the URL's for each of the WSRP 
services (WSRPBaseService, WSRPServiceDescriptionService, 
WSRPRegistrationService, WSRPPortletManagementService).

Can WSRP4J behave the same way?  Should WSRP4J consumers be able to read 
such a WSDL file?  Should WSRP4J producers produce such a WSDL file for 
the consumption of other consumers?


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