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From Diego Louzán <dlou...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Congratulations on having obtained the independence of WSRP4J from Pluto
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 11:35:03 GMT
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Sandy Pérez González escribió:
> Congratulations on having obtained the independence of WSRP4J from
> Pluto, this is a successful step. I didn’t have enough time to look at
> the code. I hope that my suggestions and contributions were useful to
> achieve this challenge; I would be happy about. I think this is an
> interesting project and it deserves to go on.
> On the other hand, I think Stefan Magnus has reason. The existing
> documentation is very bad. If we want more developers interesting in the
> project, I think it is very important to have a good documentation. If
> they must spend two months studying the source code to be able to make
> some contribution, I think this supposes an important barrier. It would
> be very interesting to spend some time documenting the existing code.
> This could look like a usefulness task as no code is generated and some
> time is spent, but it seems to me a fundamental effort to make easy the
> future maintenance of the project and to attract attention of a bigger
> number of developers. Besides, a good documentation facilitates any
> refactoring effort in the future and helps to avoid the code tangling,
> scattering and crosscutting.
> Regards
>  Sandy
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Hi, the final solution has been a mix of your ideas and some others from
the Portlet Messaging Library
(http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~mo197/portlets/portlet_messaging/). Your idea
of limiting portlet definitions to the portlet.xml was very good, indeed
that approach made that I could create a config portlet for easily
creating new portlet definitions to the portlet.xml (still beta, but it
works). This approach is not very useful with portal containers like
Pluto Portal, as it doesn't support dynamic reloading of portlet.xml
contents (so you have to manually deploy the new portlets), but it is
useful for portals like Jetspeed: you can use the portletconfig for
adding portlets dynamically to the portlet.xml and they will get
deployed on runtime. Even more, this approach is completely independent
of portal container, you don't need a configportlet for each portal.
    The other idea I took from Portlet Messaging Idea was to use,
instead of the namespace to use as a key on the session, to use the real
portletWindowId assigned by the portlet container. This is achieved
taking into account that the specification says that PORTLET_SCOPE
attributes stored on the PortletSession must have the form:
so we have a helper function that generates a random attribute and tries
to parse this <ID>, which in turn is the real portletWindowId generated
by the container.
    We also used your code for fixing JIRA WSRP4J-6 :-)

    About the documentation question it's true, too true. I will
document the build and configuration docs when I'm done fixing producer.
Before January I have to finish a project here and I'll need
documentation about the architecture of WSRP4J for it, so that will be a
work for me, but we lack a lot of committers and contributors.

Regards and thank you.
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